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Pawsitive Solutions Compostable Poop Bags Unscented 8 Refill Rolls (120 bags)

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Product Details
UPC: 628250655001
Brand: Pawsitive Solutions

Not all poop bags are made equal!

Pawsitive Solutions Poop Bags are BPI Certified Compostable. They completely decompose within 3-6 months in industrial composting facilities as opposed to plastic bags or uncertified biodegradable bags, which take HUNDREDS of years, or EPI additive bags that leave toxic residues, and the remaining fragments still take hundreds of years to decompose.

Our poop bags are made out of cornstarch and PBAT!

No traditional plastic or harsh toxins whatsoever.


✔ EASY TO OPEN No more struggling to open clingy bags, especially in the winter.

✔ EXTRA THICK For a less shit feeling.

✔ DARK COLOURS No one wants to see that.

✔ LARGE SIZE For even the biggest messes!

✔ NO RIPS! Well constructed so they won’t tear apart on you.

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