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Thrive Taurine 200g

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Essential amino acid supplement for cats and dogs. It is essential for cardiovascular function, and development and function of skeletal muscles, and the central nervous system.

Taurine can be added as an additional amino acid supplement to augment a raw, dry or home cooked diet.

Taurine can also be administered in drinking water in a limited amount as fresh water should be made available daily.

Thrive Taurine is a Veterinary Health Product to support cardiac health in pets to support cardiovascular health. Taurine may also boost immunity, brain health, and eye health.

Taurine is an amino acid. (amino acids are the building blocks of protein ) This amino sulfonic acid helps some of the most crucial systems (cardiac, eye health, immune system ) function properly.

This supplement is recommended for pets with a diagnosed taurine deficiency or for pets prone to cardiac stress.


1 scoop = 1/4 tsp

Daily Feeding Rate for Cats:

5 lbs = 1/4 tsp or 1 scoop

10 lbs = 1/2 tsp or 2 scoops

20 lbs = 3/4 tsp or 3 scoops

30 lbs – 1 tsp or 4 scoops

Daily Feeding Rate for Dogs:

Weight in pounds ¼ teaspoon

10 – 30 1

30 – 75 2

75 + 3

Taurine (2- aminoethanesulphonic acids, 98%), minerals (2%)

You can decide to feed a diet higher in naturally occurring taurine to your pet by choosing meals made of protein that has a higher taurine content.

Here’s the list of protein and their taurine content. Those numbers refer to laboratory analysis of Big Country Raw’s Pure Formulas, including both meat and organ meat.

The daily taurine minimum requirement for kittens and adult cats is 0.08g per 1000kcal of food. In Bold is how recipes made out of those protein can compare to this requirement. For example, Pure Lamb is at 5.8x the requirement, and Pure Duck at 1.1x the requirement. Big Country Raw only suggest the addition of Thrive Taurine to cats that strictly eat Pure Rabbit and Pure Duck recipes. Rabbit and Duck blend (like Fare Game Rabbit and Pork) are fine and usually around 3x to 4x the requirement. Eating once a week Pure Turkey (8x) or Turkey blend (like Country Blend or Turkey, Salmon Lamb blend) in rotation with lower taurine content recipes is also a good way to balance over time.

Turkey – 0.12g/100g – 8.1x

Lamb – 0.10g/100g – 5.8x

Kangaroo – 0.03g/100g – 4.7x

Chicken – 0.05g/100g – 3.9x

Salmon – 0.04g/100g – 3.9x

Pork – 0.06g/100g – 3.3 x

Beef – 0.04g/100g – 2.7x

Rabbit – 0.03g/100g – 2.5 x

Duck – 0.02g/100g – 1.1x

Beef tripe – 0.01g/100g – 0.6x

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