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Brand: Company of Animals

Distract your dog from unwanted behaviour with Pet Corrector. This handy tool emits a hiss of compressed gas, with a broad spectrum of sound (white noise) varying from a low frequency rumble to a high frequency hiss, that will grab your dog’s attention. Almost all dogs react to Pet Corrector because the sound, reminiscent of the hiss of a snake, an angry swan, or the buzz of a dangerous insect, is genetically programmed to be associated with danger.

  • Pet Corrector retrains your dog’s behaviour by emitting a hiss which mimics the natural warning sounds that cats and other animals make. This interrupts their actions and allows you to retrain their habits – to stop dog barking and jumping up.
  • We love our dogs, so training them humanely is important. Pet Corrector is a constructive and positive way to interrupt bad habits and form better behaviours – giving you peace of mind around the house and in public.
  • Pet Corrector is not recommended for use with puppies and should never be pointed directly at a dog or any part of your own body. It’s not a toy and should only be used by adults and professionals.
  • Pet corrector is available in 3 sizes and is best used in short bursts. The amount of bursts are dependent on usage, however the 30ml cans have enough air for approximately 30 uses, the 50ml cans have enough air for approximately 50 uses and the 200ml cans have enough air for approximately 200 uses. These are approximates and by no means guaranteed.
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