Dexas Grippmat Flexible Pet Placemat L 17 x 23.5"

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Brand: Dexas

The Grippmat Pet Placemat by Dexas is a reversible, flexible, non-slip mat to catch drips and spills under dog and cat bowls. Keep your floors clean, reduce clean up time, and help prevent spills with the Grippmat!

Made from soft and flexible silicone, the Grippmat features raised nibs to keep food and water dishes or stands in place. A raised outer ridge keeps any splashes or spills on the mat, and off your floors.

  • This large Grippmat Pet Placemat measures 17 x 23.5" inches and is flexible and non-slip
  • The Grippmat is a flexible placemat designed to be catch spills under dog bowls, pet dishes and elevated feeder. Ideal for protecting hardwoods, tile floors, and carpet alike
  • Made from non-slip silicone, the Grippmat Pet Placemat features a spill-proof border to keep splashes and spills on the mat, not your floor
  • Integrated silicone nibs hold dishes in and bowl in place, and prevent them from slipping and moving during mealtime
  • Fully reversible, the Grippmat can be used on either side. Simple care: rinse the Grippmat clean, or wash with soap and water
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