Legendary Canine Wound & Hotspot Spray 250ml

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UPC: 714573406748
Brand: Legendary Canine

Does your dog suffer from environmental or seasonal allergies or experience hot spots, itching, irritation, and inflammation? Then you’ll want to try our Wound + Hotspot Spray.

This no-touch dog spray provides highly effective skin and wound care and is excellent for treating hard-to-reach areas. In fact, you’ll find there is not much resistance to the cooling spray from your dog.

Aloe vera gel juice boasts anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties which are widely known to relieve sunburn and heal wounds in humans. Luckily, it works for your dog, too, and can help combat inflammation and infection in scratches, cuts, and insect bites.

Throw in a little witch hazel to relieve itching and redness, and you’ll find your furry best friend ready for a long walk in the woods!


Aloe Vera Gel Juice, Geogard ECT, Lavender Essential Oil, Turkey Red Castor Oil, Vitamin C, Water, Witch Hazel

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