Mad Cat Cat Toy Brunch Buddies 2pk

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UPC: 847388065111
Brand: Mad Cat

The Mad Cat Brunch Buddies two pack is the perfect way to wake up from a catnap! Adorable plush filled with a unique blend of premium catnip and silvervine that’s maximum potency, pure, and pesticide free. Silvervine is an all-natural catnip alternative that cats love, it elicits a similar reaction to catnip, and works for many cats who normally are not affected by catnip.

Mad Cat Brunch Buddies is a savory duo ready to interact and tire out your feline. Made from polyester with PP stuffing, loud crinkle material and filled with a combination of premium catnip and silvervine. Silvervine is a vine plant from eastern Asia that is known not only for its medicinal properties, but it also contains two compounds that attract cats similar to catnip with the same effects.

Brunch Buddies is ideal for tossing, kicking, enticing and cuddling for cats of all life stages.

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