NewTrix Dog Halter Nano 5-10lbs Red

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Brand: NewTrix

The NewTrix™ dog halter is guaranteed to make walking your dog a comfortable experience. It is not a muzzle. It is a tool to make dog training and dog walking a simple, safe and fun experience for everyone.

Why does it work so well?

The NewTrix™ dog halter harnesses the natural balance reflex of your dog to stop him or her from pulling on the leash. Instead of hooking under the dog’s chin, twisting his neck, our ingenious “push-pulley” exerts a gentle pressure behind the dog’s head. Your dog automatically leans back into the pressure and stops pulling. Much as a seatbelt restrains you in your car, the NewTrix only restrains your dog when he struggles against it, relaxing when he stops.

The NewTrix™ dog halter stops pulling with calm, kind control. Pressure on the front of a dog's neck or chest triggers an automatic reaction called the Opposition Reflex. This motor neuron response causes a dog to lean into the pressure, which actually encourages her to pull. It renders millions of dogs a tremendous challenge to manage on leash. The solution is simple.

Reverse it!

When your dog pulls, the NewTrix™ dog halter applies pressure behind her head which triggers the opposition reflex, but this time your dog leans back into it and stops pulling! The patented push-pulley mechanism applies pressure on the back of your dog's neck and instantly puts this incredible force to work for you.

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