Tiger Grass Catnip 28g

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Brand: Tiger Grass

Tiger Grass Catnip "Drives Cats Wild".

The high mountain valleys of North America provide the perfect environment for growing and cultivating Tiger Grass, The World's Strongest All Natural Catnip.

The achieve "The Gold Standard" status our growers let the crop mature longer in the fields, bringing the oils to the highest level throughout the flowers and the leaves. The catnip is harvested at the optimum time to guarantee the highest potency and create the finest all natural catnip, Tiger Grass.

Tiger Grass all natural catnip provides energy and enthusiastic play that mellows into a relaxed, healthy and happy state. This is from the oil in the leaves and blossoms of the plant that safely stimulate play and pleasuring in cats.

To help release these aromatic oils simply pinch the leaves between your fingers.

To keep Tiger Grass all-natural catnip fresh, reseal the package after each use and store in a cool, dark place out your cats reach.

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