Tollden Farms Raw Chicken Necks 4lb/1.81kg

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UPC: 187202000752
Brand: Tollden Farms

Bones play an integral part in feeding a raw food diet. Dogs and cats are natural chewers, and bones allow them the outlet to chew. Bones also act as a natural toothbrush. Feeding raw bones should only be done under supervision.

A yummy very digestible snack! Perfect for small dogs and cats. These small bones are easily handled by even the tiniest of chewers!!! Individually flash frozen to make thawing and serving a piece of cake. Please supervise your pet while feeding chicken necks.


100% chicken

Nutritional Analysis

per kg

  • Moisture 25%
  • Protein 4%
  • Fat 3%
  • Fibre 0%
  • Calories 43
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